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Jet ski rental in Mallorca: Unforgettable moments on the Mediterranean

Mallorca is one of the most popular and beautiful islands in the entire Mediterranean. Therefore, a relaxing beach holiday is just the thing. But how about an exciting jet ski adventure instead of lying on the beach all day?

Discover the beautiful island of Mallorca in a whole new way. With a special water adventure that shows you the dreamy beaches of the Balearic archipelago from a whole new perspective. And the best thing about it is that even every beach holidaymaker in Mallorca has the opportunity to awaken adventure - thanks to JetXperience Mallorca S.L. jet ski rental.

Let the wind carry you into the Mediterranean and experience the feeling of flying over the water on a jet ski. Whether you just want to experience the power of a water vehicle, get your jetski licence or go on exciting tours on the water. JetXperience Mallorca S.L. offers you incomparable moments on the beaches of the Mediterranean.

These are the vehicles you can look forward to when renting a jet ski on Mallorca Driving experience and speed decide how much fun a ride on a jet ski is. In view of this, we at JetXperience Mallorca S.L. rely on particularly high-quality models that have a lot under the bonnet.

The following vehicles are available for jet ski rental in Mallorca:

  • Seadoo GTI 90
  • Seadoo GTI 130
  • Seadoo 170 SE

You don't really know which jet ski suits you best? No problem - we'll be happy to give you advice and help you find the right model for you. Are you a complete beginner but still want to explore the Mediterranean with your small group or family? Then the Seadoo GTI 90 is the perfect choice for you. Intelligent technology, fast acceleration and easy braking thanks to the IBR system are the order of the day here! Each of our jet ski models on Mallorca has unique features that will inspire you.

Jet ski hire in Mallorca - the next port of call on your Mallorca holiday

If you love adventure, join us for the ultimate holiday in Mallorca! Get on a jet ski and experience moments you will never forget.

Our Mallorca jet ski rental is the perfect place to start your next holiday on the island. We look forward to helping you get sporty on the Mediterranean.

Do you have any questions or other concerns? Feel free to contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email - we are always there for you.

Jetski-Verleih Mallorca

Have you already decided on a jet ski?

Our jet ski rental in Mallorca offers you a comprehensive range of different jet skis to suit your wishes and driving experience. You are also welcome to check out our range of jetskis directly in Port Adriano and ask us any questions you may have on the spot.

We look forward to your visit.

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